This time, the "Bachelor" format will not only end with true love, and not a professional victory like with Viktor Stoyanov and Viktoria Kapitonova, but it already smells like a wedding.

Yes, this is the huge and exclusive news today, when it became clear that the preparations for the big day of Evgeni Genchev and his chosen one are already underway.

The pianist's wedding will be in his native Plovdiv, and in just two months.

We know that Evgeni's family is quite wealthy, so money is not an issue and the celebration is guaranteed to be lavish.

The couple and the bride-to-be have already gone to the restaurant several times to think about the decoration, which was their biggest difficulty.

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Of course, the couple is hiding and still not going out together because they signed a special confidentiality clause.

Noooo... wedding prep sources have sensationally activated the bombshell that the bride is... Elena.

Many still do not believe that the smart Elena will fall in love with Yevgeny, because so far at least they behaved kindly and gently, but not passionately, nor in love - at least as far as the pianist is concerned.

But there is a possibility that this is just out of concern for Genchev, who otherwise was very hot in his kisses with the others such as Aileen Bobeva, Valeria Georgieva, Gia and Boryana.

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