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This season, The Bachelor isn't spitting.

So far, he has targeted almost everyone, and some have even passed through his "tool".

After possessing Boryana, as we already wrote, another girl from the show had sex with him.

This is Elena-Antoinette, who had given herself to him during their romantic one-on-one meeting.

This "Bachelor" contestant boasted about having sex with Evgeni on the show

As you can see, the two of them were swimming in the sea, with the young editor taking off her bra and only being bare-breasted in front of him.

It was this that provoked Evgeni to attack her sexually.

Evidence of this is the wounds on Elena's legs, for which she never gave a proper explanation and no one understood where they came from.

They are obviously from a certain position during the sexual act, writes

The musician Evgeni will come out a bigger sexual predator than Viktor Stoyanov, who was the first Bachelor.

The fitness freak then managed to possess Alexandra on some rocks, but only towards the end of the show.

While Genchev has already "passed" two, and it is still the middle of the show.

Fans of the romantic show "The Bachelor" suspected a new fraud

According to some rumors, Evgeni became cold towards Valeria precisely because of sex.

She refused to do anything more so early and continued with the children's letters while he entered the show to find a wife, but in the meantime to satisfy his urge as much as possible.

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