[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Starring Michelle Chen, Vivian Sung, Wu Kangren, Zhou Youting, and Fan Shaoxun, the series "Man Floats in Love" adapted from Hou Wenyong's long love novel of the same name will start shooting in April 2021. The drama gathers two generations of "girls" "In addition, Wu Kangren and Zhou Youting, the former rumored object who had not filmed for many years, continued to "act" again. The golden lineup is full of topics. However, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the crew of "Quick Knife" decided to suspend filming. I did not expect to resume filming this year. , 3 of the 5 protagonists at the beginning of the scene were changed. Such a big reshuffle makes it impossible not to sigh the changes brought about by the epidemic.

"People Floating in Love" will start shooting in April 2021. The main actors Fan Shaoxun (from left), Vivian Sung, Michelle Chen, Zhou Youting, and Wu Kangren gathered together.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

The play is about to resume filming. Except for Vivian Sung and Fan Shaoxun who are still "sticking to their posts", the protagonists have been completely reshuffled. Wu Kangren replaced Yang Youning, Chen Yanxi changed Shao Yuwei, and Zhou Youting was replaced by Jian Manshu. "The Sharp Wife" director Xu Fujun took over.

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Wu Kangren and Zhou Youting were on the same stage as "ex-boyfriends" at the beginning, and they were happy after they broke up. Wu Kangren and Shao Yuwei are in a stable relationship, while Zhou Youting and Lan Zhenglong have a pair of children. In the interview in 2021, they also revealed that they met after the reunion In the first sentence, Wu Kangren asked "what about your child", expressing his concern, and the relationship is not awkward at all. He even agreed to play a couple in the play. Unexpectedly, because of the epidemic, Zhou Youting finally returned to the family, and the comeback failed. And Wu Kangren missed the opportunity to share the stage with his girlfriend Shao Yuwei due to his full schedule.

Shao Yuwei will perform "Man Floating in Love".

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

And Michelle Chen was facing a suspension of filming at the beginning, so she immediately returned to Beijing to accompany her son and husband Chen Xiao. Recently, she also participated in the Chinese love reality show "Semi-familiar Lovers". China's work model, no matter where it goes, it has to be a big show, so I finally decided not to return to Taiwan to take on the show.

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