Zhang Jike's suspected secret photos of beautiful women were exposed on the 3rd, causing an uproar.

(Reposted from Weibo)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Zhang Jike, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in Chinese table tennis, was recently accused of using the private videos of his ex-girlfriend and well-known actress Jing Tian to pay off his gambling debts. The details were exposed, and the turmoil intensified. What's more, he was a habitual offender of sneak photography.

Jing Tian (left) and Zhang Jike (right) had a relationship.

(Reposted from Weibo)

According to comprehensive media reports, on the 3rd, Zhang Jike was exposed to a suspected candid photo. In the photo, Zhang Jike was suspected to be sitting on the sofa. A beautiful amateur beauty in a short skirt passed by him. He suspected that he picked up his mobile phone to take a candid photo. Can talk, sparked heated discussions after the news was exposed.

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Many netizens said that Jing Tian's private video was leaked, and this time it was found out that she was suspected of secretly taking pictures of amateur beauties.

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