[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] The Netflix Taiwanese drama "The Imitation Criminal" performed by Wu Kangren, Ke Jiayan, Lin Xinru, Yao Chunyao and others became the most popular ratings champion in Taiwan in just 3 days. Hong Kong rushed to the second place in the ratings, and even Japan squeezed into the eighth place in the most popular ratings list. It can be said that following the upsurge of "Lights of Light", Taiwanese dramas have made a breakthrough overseas.

Wu Kangren was tired of facing the out-of-control "evil" in "The Copycat".

(courtesy of Netflix)

Since the show is launched globally on Netflix, besides Japanese, there are dubbings in many languages. Wu Kangren watched the Japanese dubbed version first. The voice of the Japanese dubbed version makes Guo Xiaoqi (character name) feel more handsome, and he takes a more handsome route." He is also looking forward to seeing more language versions in the future, and he also tried Thai pronunciation on the spot, which surprised Ke Jiayan. Zan fits the character well.

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There is a Japanese dubbed version of the play, and the original work is a masterpiece of Japanese mystery novels, which is more acceptable to Japanese audiences. Recently, many Japanese netizens have shared their experience after watching the show on Twitter, and left comments praising "horrible and disgusting but I want to watch it", "It's a bit different from the original but it's pretty good", sparking heated discussions.

"Imitation Criminal" is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by the Japanese reasoning queen Miyuki Miyabe. It has remade film and television works many times, such as the movie version starring Masahiro Nakai, the captain of the Japanese Tiantuan SMAP in 2002, and the 2 episodes of the collaboration between Miki Nakatani and Kentaro Sakaguchi in 2016. The special edition of the Japanese drama, and the third film and television remake by Taiwan, a total of 10 episodes, in response to Taiwan's time and space background, the story will be set in the late 1990s in Taiwan. Quite different from the original.

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