Zhou Ziyu is naturally beautiful, and she is no longer afraid of being exposed in daily photos without makeup.

Tzuyu Zhou, a popular member of the popular South Korean girl group TWICE, shared on her personal IG yesterday (2nd) the sideshow photos taken for the endorsement clothing brand ZOOC. I saw Tzuyu put on a short-sleeved T-shirt with a cartoon pattern, paired with black denim shorts, and looked youthful , the first to announce the arrival of summer!

Tzuyu posted a series of photos in the community, which made fans surprised and delighted. However, many netizens took a closer look and found that there were not only beautiful photos in the photos, but also a few NG tidbits. The "true face" of the actress was released, and they all praised: "It really is a good-looking face, and I am no longer afraid of plain makeup and NG photos!"

Zhou Ziyu took summer promotional photos for the clothing brand she endorsed.

Zhou Ziyu shot a summer pictorial for the endorsement clothing brand. She first exposed the highlights of the shooting yesterday. I saw her put on a simple T-shirt and shorts, showing a pair of beautiful legs, showing the perfect proportion of the nine-headed body. The photographer is outdoors in the warm spring Taking pictures under the sun, Tzuyu posed in multiple poses in a row, including an expression of enjoying the sun with her eyes closed, and a few of the photos captured her smiling brightly, her eyes not fully opened, although it was an NG tidbit The photo did not damage her good looks, and netizens praised: "The photo is still beautiful!", "Ziyu is not afraid!", "360 degrees without dead ends", "beautiful ceiling".

Ziyu showed a lively and lovely side in private.

Tzuyu's other look is that she put on a navy blue shirt with a denim skirt, and a small black waste bag on her side. I saw her playfully leaning out from behind the billboard. She is cute and pretty. Can take photos, I saw her comparing YA, fingering love selfie, showing a lively and lovely side in private.

Many netizens believe that compared with the suits and dresses that have been exposed before, summer sports and leisure style clothing seems to be more in line with Tzuyu's private clothing style, and they can't wait for the brand to hit the shelves.

Tzuyu shared many photos of the instant photos, which look cute.

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