[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] 65-year-old veteran actress Lan Rujie was once tricked by a friend to Japan as a hotel hostess, and she was paid 150,000 yuan a month. She thought she was purely singing, but she was furious when she found out that she was on a pirate ship when she arrived in Japan In addition, because she has already signed a contract, she can only bear with it for 3 months. She attended the "Love Inheritance and Care Concert" held by the Taiwan Quality Life Association a few days ago, and revealed that the electricity bill in her home is more than 10,000 yuan in the first phase, but Compared with the big S's 2 months of more than 60,000, it is better.

Veteran actress Lan Rujie lives in her sister's Tutiancuo.

(Photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

Lan Rujie lives in the 5-story Sanchong Tutiancuo. The house belongs to her older sister, who is also a familiar face in singing operas. She likes to perform on stage and is very good at managing money. I live alone on the first floor, and my younger brother, who was recuperating from a stroke, also lives on the first floor. My sister charges them a little rent, but because everyone likes to turn on the air conditioner and heater, the air conditioner is very expensive. Lan Rujie said that the utility bills cost her burden, so quite distressed.

In the past, she loved to gamble and lost tens of millions. Although she is 65 years old, her household registration has been registered for one year. As a result, she is still unable to receive the pension for the elderly, and she will have to wait another year.

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