Wu Kangren (right) handles the case side by side with Tuo Zonghua in the play.

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[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] The Netflix series "Imitator" starring Wu Kangren and Ke Jiayan was launched on March 31, and it took 3 days to become the number one of the platform's most popular series, defeating Song Hye Kyo's drama "Dark Glory" Wu Kangren couldn't hide his excitement due to the good results. He posted a picture of "Holding the Corpse" in the same frame during the filming, and also posted a group photo of the crew to thank the audience. He also said that "The Imitator" was the most tiring since his debut. , the most difficult drama to shoot.

Wu Kangren hugged the mummy props happily.

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Golden Bell Opera King Wu Kangren played the role of a delicate prosecutor in the play. The role is heavy and emotional, but his restrained performance can be seen that he has put a lot of effort into the play, and his acting skills are more breakthrough than previous works.

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Wu Kangren took a cute selfie with mummy props during filming.

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After the show was released, netizens discussed it enthusiastically, and there were many comments. As an actor for many years, Wu Kangren knows that some people will like a play and others will be disappointed. "We are working hard on the road, constantly accumulating experience again and again, Shoot with a work attitude that is worthy of me, worthy of the staff in every link, and do their best for each other's work hand in hand. As the actors with the most scenes, I can see their hard work, and I can only suck more Tone, hold back and try not to leak (shame), no matter how tired we are, we must shoot well, there is no slack in a scene, and we don't want to compromise."

Wu Kangren has a lot of feelings about the development of Taiwanese dramas. He said, "It is really not easy for Taiwanese dramas to go global. The world is so big and the market is so fierce that there is no need to discuss it. How to choose the way of telling stories, we are all innovating and experimenting on this road. "

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