Internet celebrity Su Hailin has officially announced that she has changed her name to "Erina" and entered the Japanese AV industry.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The 26-year-old Internet celebrity Su Hailin, dubbed the "Dark Version of Wang Jing" by the Hong Kong media, has officially announced that she has changed her name to "Erina (絵丽奈)" to enter the Japanese AV industry. The first work she participated in is at It was launched on March 31, and she competed fiercely with three male stars including "AV King" Shimizu Ken, and she quickly became the champion of the sales list.

And yesterday (1) she opened a YouTube live broadcast to interact with fans, but was criticized by acid critics for being too fat and her bust shrinking. Regarding this, she said frankly: "I can't cater to everyone, and I like myself now .” Not trying to lose weight.

Su Hailin started the live broadcast, thanking everyone for supporting her debut work.

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Qin Hailin's first work was filmed in Cantonese throughout, with a total of 4 scenes of fierce battles, which attracted many Hong Kong people to watch.

Yesterday she opened a live broadcast to thank everyone for their support, and also responded to the negative comments about her figure: "Physical body is easy to get fat, no matter how thin you are, you can't compare with others, and if you lose weight, you will be beautiful, but you will definitely be called "no breasts"", I don’t It may cater to everyone, it is better to simply be myself.


Qin Hailin said that in fact, she skips rope every day, but the purpose is not to lose weight but to be based on physical health. "I am not a thin frame. No matter how much I lose weight, I will not be as thin as others." The conversation changed, and she was also in the live broadcast He mentioned that the reason for becoming an AV actress is because he likes it and thinks this job is suitable for him. "I want to become an influential woman and break through myself."

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