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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Actress Jia Yongjie previously made a pilgrimage to the popular girl group BLACKPINK's concert, and was accused by other fans of being in the first row, but she stood up after the concert started and took crazy shots, blocking the view of the audience behind. The incident was reported on the Internet The fire spread on the road, and Jia Yongjie quickly issued an apology.

Now that things have changed, she recently shared that her eldest daughter was watching a Taylor Swift concert in the United States, but she was unexpectedly met with acid: "Did she also stand up to block people?" For this, Jia Yongjie's high EQ counterattack aroused praise.

The pop queen Taylor Swift recently launched a world tour "The Eras Tour", and the fan special "Taylor Swift Taiwan" founded by Taiwan fans recently posted performance information, catching Jia Yongjie to leave a message: "Envy is dead, my family An An is now on the scene right now"

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Jia Yongjie's high EQ responded to the sour people's message.

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Unexpectedly, Jia Yongjie's comment attracted a netizen who was sour: "Did she also stand up to block people?" "Did you teach her to stand up and block people?" Jia Yongjie responded to the acid people's remarks: "The audience rocks ", "I can't sit still, everyone stands!" In addition, some people made a wish to Jia Yongjie, "Please Goddess, please invite friendly business people to invite Taylor to come to Taiwan to sing." Jia Yongjie said, "The Goddess is singing now. phobia”, and the back and forth dialogues show high EQ.

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