The Health Bureau reminds parents to pay attention to the warning signs of severe illness in infants and young children.

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[Reporter Fang Zhixian/Kaohsiung Report] During the Qingming holiday, the domestic enterovirus epidemic gradually entered the epidemic period. According to the monitoring of the CDC, there were 3,169 visits to enterovirus emergency departments nationwide in the 12th week, an increase of 18.3% from the previous week. There were 201 person-times in the city, an increase of 6.9% compared with the previous week. The Gao City Health Bureau called on this morning, the community has successively detected enterovirus 71 and D68, and pay attention to the severe precursor symptoms of infants and young children.

The Health Bureau stated that so far this year, there has been a total of 1 confirmed case of enterovirus infection complicated by severe illness across the country. Considering that the time sequence is about to enter the epidemic period of enterovirus, Gaoshi has started to strengthen the prevention and control of enterovirus, through the inspection of educational institutions, medical preparation and health education and other epidemic prevention measures to prevent the epidemic of enteroviruses.

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The Health Bureau reminds parents that the most effective way to prevent enteroviruses is to wash hands frequently, use bleach to clean the environment, and maintain good hygiene habits. They should implement the 6 measures of home care for enteroviruses: "After returning home, wash your hands, wash your face, and change clothes. ", "Clean children's toys frequently", "Disinfect the environment with 500ppm bleach regularly", "Stay at home when sick", "Take care of the second child in isolation", "Send suspected enterovirus symptoms to the hospital as soon as possible".

6 ways to get rid of enterovirus at home.

(Photo provided by Health Bureau)

The Health Bureau said that once the public finds that infants and young children have limb weakness and paralysis, or lethargy, unconsciousness, poor vitality, weakness in hands and feet, muscle twitching (unexplained fright or sudden muscle contraction), persistent vomiting and shortness of breath or heartbeat Acceleration and other severe precursor symptoms, please go to the 6 hospitals responsible for severe enterovirus in Gao City as soon as possible, including Gaorong, Kaohsiung Chang Gung, Gaoyi, Yida Hospital, Xiaogang Hospital, and Municipal United Hospital for treatment.

The Health Bureau also continues to strengthen the inspection of educational institutions, calling on educational institutions to implement the enterovirus notification and school suspension regulations in Gaocheng City, disinfect the surfaces of frequently touched objects with bleach every day, and teach young children to use "wet Wash your hands correctly in 5 steps: rubbing, flushing, holding, and rubbing.

Proper and frequent hand washing is the most effective way to prevent enteroviruses.

(Photo provided by Health Bureau)

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