Gabi Blanco said in an interview that Evgeni was not for her.

The scandalous reality star does not care that she is not the winner or even in the final, and shared that another woman is in Evgeni's heart and mind.

 "I have no problem with the fact that I left. I accept Evgeni as Valleto's boyfriend. Valeria is the most suitable for him," Gabi thinks.

The Plovdiv woman is looking for a real and lasting love relationship, not something temporary, but she does not hide that she has already had such a love. 

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About the scandal with Pam, she explained that she gets along with people and gives them a hand when they don't understand. "Whoever didn't want to understand with me, he didn't understand. I'm a Libra - I balance a lot. Cool and down to earth I'm human, but if you stab me, I'll fight back," the silicone girl is categorical.

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