April 2nd is the World Autism Awareness Day. The Nantou County Health Bureau appeals to parents to seek a doctor's evaluation for autism if their children show four characteristics such as repetitive behaviors or speech.

(Provided by Nantou County Health Bureau)

[Reporter Zhang Xiesheng/Report from Nantou] Today, April 2nd is the World Autism Awareness Day. The Health Bureau of Nantou County Government stated that if a child is not good at establishing relationships with others, repetitive behaviors or speech, and does not like eye contact and communication with others , and hearing or tactile sensitivity or insensitivity, etc., may suffer from autism. Parents are advised to consult a doctor for evaluation. The Caotun Nursing Home of the Ministry of Health and Welfare has a special outpatient clinic for autism and other severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. , providing referrals for psychological assessment and related treatment services, through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and parental education for parents, are conducive to promoting the integration of autistic patients into society.

The Nantou County Health Bureau pointed out that the intelligence level and status of autistic children vary, but there are widespread barriers to interpersonal communication and communication.

For example, the case Xiaoxing (pseudonym) often stands on a chair, staring at the ceiling, muttering words while gesticulating in the air with his hands, and the boxes are arranged on the table in an orderly manner, with pictures scattered all over the floor.

Xiaoxing's mother told the interviewer that Xiaoxing had emotional disorders since she was in elementary school, such as irritability, throwing things around, difficulty in communicating, and inability to understand other people's emotions. She behaved out of order and even hurt herself and others.

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Xiao Xing's mother also took Xiao Xing to the physical and mental department for medical treatment, but the drug treatment could not cure Xiao Xing's condition, it could only ease his mood. He goes out.

Dr. Xu Weijian, director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department of Caotun Sanatorium of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, pointed out that the main problem in such cases is the defect in mental reasoning ability, so it is difficult to understand other people's views and emotional reactions, and there are often significant obstacles in communication. Turn a blind eye to people, be emotionally indifferent, and have repetitive ritualized behaviors.

In the society, there is often a myth that "autistic patients represent intellectual impairment". In fact, patients with autism group disorders do not mean that they have intellectual impairment. High rates of loneliness, loneliness, and depression.

It is hoped that when the public encounters autistic children, they can show respect and patience to the patients and their families with a friendly attitude, and ignite the temperature of life for each other.

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