Xiong Xiong often shares his daily life in the community.

(Reposted from Facebook/Bear Genie)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Bear Bear" Zhuo Yutong has a proud "G-level" bust, a sweet face and a hot body, and is known as the "Beautiful Breast Goddess". In addition to opening a YouTube channel to record life, she often The community interacts with fans.

Today (1) coincides with April Fool's Day, she also sent out photos of rings to entertain everyone, explaining why she chose to wear them on her ring finger.

Xiong Xiong posted a photo on Facebook today. In the photo, both ring fingers are wearing rings. Cai Shanghua said with a smile: "Official announcement while taking advantage of the chaos", making people confused whether it is an April Fool's Day joke or a flash. Xiong Xiong jokingly said, "I heard that wearing a ring finger on a ring can attract fortune?", making people confused.

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Xiong Xiong's photos of ringing on the April Fool's Day show sparked a lot of speculation.

(Reposted from Facebook/Bear Genie)

Xiong Xiong went on to write, "Today is my day, I am a fool", which amused many fans. Yuan Yuan and Guo Guigui both left messages "Congratulations" to express their congratulations. They cooperated and left messages one after another, "Whether it's true or not, blessings are right", "What you say is what you say".

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