Events are accelerating, a situation is brewing, a new global conflict.

The climax will take place in the third decade of April - the beginning of May.

At the same time, what is the point of suffering and blaming yourself for something, if you are not able to influence the movement of this powerful machine in any way?

The best thing that can and should be done now is to strengthen your foundation, "lay down the straw", prepare for various turns of events and observe what is happening on the world stage in more or less acceptable conditions.

A full moon in Libra on April 6 forms an internal demand for comfort and beauty, activates social ties, and the desire to join groups and communities based on interests.

Even the most responsible and independent people cannot handle all matters alone.

It is not for nothing that they say that the team is a great strength!

You can satisfy your interests and needs only on mutually beneficial terms, in a community with other people.

On April 3 at 7:22 p.m., Mercury enters the sign of Taurus, where it will go into retrograde motion from April 21.

Taurus is a sign of resources, vitality, associated with the material world, belongs to the element of Earth.

From this day, people's attention switches to completely mundane and earthly matters, financial issues are solved more easily.

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The first results of the completed work are visible, the collective activity is successful.

It is difficult to find the right time for something new and in general any business, as well as romance and solving family issues.

However, it is not easy to recognize deception and hypocrisy now, so be careful in showing your feelings.

Excessive susceptibility to flattery and signs of attention from representatives of the opposite sex can prevent effective work and lead to losses.


The week is favorable for creating a foundation in any area of ​​life, solving property problems, and career.

Take a practical and rational position in matters of both physical and psychological health.

Under unusual circumstances, a new person may enter your life and inspire you to make the changes you just need.

The Universe sets before you the task of mastering a new experience, directs you energy and momentum to achieve the goal, indicates a new vector of movement.


Despite the high energy background and the desire to do everything at once, save resources - you will need them in the third decade of April.

Situations and life plots can be different: good and not so good, but it is better to prepare for a difficult period.

During the week, serious topics may be raised that you do not want to talk about and hear, but it is better not to put off something that should have been resolved a long time ago.

Do not delay with reports and calculations, do the most difficult work.


Circumstances will force you to reset your consciousness, to look at many things from a different angle, which will help improve the quality of life.

Although emotions are over the edge, and a series of events does not allow you to breathe, there is nothing to worry about - cope with it, it has been worse.

In any case, move towards progress and do not doubt your effectiveness.

To restore strength, it is useful to put order in the photo stream, disassemble the wardrobe and devote the weekends to pleasant memories either with friends or in a narrow family circle.


Sentimentality and romanticism, which has intensified, pushes to reckless actions and can provoke aggression, especially towards colleagues.

It is important not to forget about self-control and try to keep emotions in yourself.

Now you are in front of everyone's eyes - and one careless word or action can seriously damage your reputation.

Reasonable self-limitations will not hurt.

Be careful with expenses - money will flow through your fingers anyway.

During the week, you are clearly aware that this is some kind of strength test.


It is important not to let emotions and feelings overwhelm you and try to carefully weigh every word.

If you succeed in this, everything planned will be carried out in exact accordance with your plans.

Continue to accumulate strength by doing simple short-term tasks and postponing everything difficult and serious for the right time.

You clearly understand that a lot is coming to an end now, but you don't yet know what lies ahead.

Relax and let problematic situations resolve themselves without your intervention.


Uncertainty may bother you, you will feel that you need to change something in your life.

However, the time for this has not yet come.

Postpone all important and long-term matters until better times so that everything can be carefully planned, weighed and calculated.

You will still have an opportunity to start what you have planned.

Use this week to strengthen your health.

Try to rest, gain strength, review your diet.

Let go of unnecessary things and disturbing thoughts.


A calm week, everything is stable in business, circumstances are developing in the best way to achieve a balance between internal and external.

It is a good time to communicate with children - now is the easiest time to find points of contact and mutual understanding.

The week does not portend big changes in life, but promises to become interesting and romantic.

Interesting prospects and new acquaintances, proposals for cooperation are possible.

Your plans and original ideas will be supported by the environment.


You are full of optimism and ready for many things.

Relationships with former lovers may arise.

The memories will overwhelm you.

Therefore, you will have to decide what to leave in the past and what to take with you into the future.

A week of strong intuition, insights, clarifications.

It is also good for people in creative professions.

Communicate more with people, organize various events, including online - you have every chance to take a leadership position, gain popularity.


The terms of payment may change or some clauses of the contractual relations with the employer and business partners may need to be reviewed.

The week is favorable for a new professional development, opening a business, moving to a new office.

You will be able to find the necessary resources to build something long-term and fundamental.

Knock on all doors - and they will be opened for you!

Due to an active social life, some difficulties with a loved one are possible.


You only dream of a normal, everyday life.

Changes happen every day, circumstances change, there is no certainty.

There are many more questions than answers.

The only thing that will help you maintain physical and mental strength is absolute acceptance of what is happening, trusting the Universe.

Relatives, friends, like-minded people may need your help - do not refuse them, you will have time to do your work, take your time, everything is just beginning.


Compared to the representatives of other zodiac signs, the course of your life is smooth and predictable, at least as much as it is possible in the conditions in which you are.

Don't make sudden body movements, just watch what happens and learn from other people's experiences.

Love, romance, family affairs bring much more satisfaction than work and the salary received.

Therefore, try to save money, distribute income/expenses correctly and do not splurge on small things.

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