[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] It was revealed that Wang Jie, the prodigal son of the music industry, had a secret marriage with Hong Kong actress Liang Luoshi in Canada. He was confused when he saw the news yesterday, and responded awkwardly to his agent: "Is today April Fool's Day?" Although he He has faded out of the music scene for many years, and there are still many false rumors circulating on the Internet, including being poisoned and his voice is broken.

Wang Jie has been living abroad in recent years.

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Wang Jie blew himself up on a talk show more than 10 years ago. He suspected that someone had poisoned his drink with lead poisoning, causing permanent damage to his throat and hair loss. "Immortal" people, after trying various treatments and the careful care of doctors, their voices gradually recovered, but they could not return to the previous loud and clear singing.

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At that time, Wang Jie even blurted out on the show that he knew that the murderer was a young man, "I would rather let him know that I know who you are, and I also know who ordered what you did. The person who poisoned you is certainly ruthless, but because Later, I thought a lot, if I did some stupid things because I was so mentally disturbed, I am grateful for some of my own experiences, and I am also grateful to those who have given me a lot of hard training, and I am also grateful to them, Really, I didn't blame them."

Unexpectedly, this topic has been hyped up again in recent years. Some netizens questioned that the young man who was poisoned at that time was the big coffee king of the same family of Wang Jie Records. The super absurd statement was immediately slapped in the face by Hong Kong entertainment reporters. take such responsibility.

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