Huang Mingzhi (right) invited Tao Jingying to be the guest chorus "Ten Men".

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Malaysian singer-songwriter Huang Mingzhi held the first tour of "Big Airplane" at the Little Arena tonight (1) and invited "Tao Zi" Tao Jingying to be the guest chorus "Ten Men". For welfare", four muscular men were invited to the scene, and their appearance was also restricted. Tao Zi said with a smile: "I can't get too close to the 'big hot dog'."

Huang Mingzhi has repeatedly praised Taiwan for not restricting creative freedom. For example, the exaggerated appearance of a macho man on the stage tonight is impossible to openly appear in his hometown. Electricity." He also said, "Give Taiwan a round of applause." Tao Zi revealed that during the rehearsal, the director asked if the scale could be so large?

Huang Mingzhi said, "This is not Malaysia, it's Taiwan." Tao Zi was also smeared on the macho's "big hot dog".

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Huang Mingzhi recruited four fresh meats to "seek welfare" for Tao Jingying.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

In addition, Huang Mingzhi invited the masked female singer to sing "Glass Heart" with him tonight. He said that the original chorus partner Chen Fangyu was afraid to come, but because he didn't have time, because the masked singer didn't take off the panda mask from the beginning to the end, Huang Mingzhi said with a smile: "I will never know who she is until I die." The female singer said: "I am a panda, I am so happy, so happy." Fans in the audience speculated that the masked singer should be Li Zhiting.

Huang Mingzhi and the masked singer sang "Glass Heart".

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

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