Artist Tse Tung Leung (left) is known as the "Master of Sculpture" and "Pusher of Central Sculpture".

(Provided by Taichung City Government)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Senior Taichung artist Xie Dongliang is the first famous sculptor in Taiwan to be awarded the permanent exemption qualification for the National Art Exhibition.

"Wu Zen-Xie Dongliang Kung Fu Series Sculpture Exhibition" debuted today (1) at the Art and Culture Center in Tun District, Taichung City. With "the fusion of martial arts and Zen" as the main axis, nearly 90 sculptures and steel sculptures from the "Kung Fu Series" were exhibited. Printmaking works are on display until April 23.

Tseng Neng-ting, deputy director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Taichung City Government, said that Xie Dongliang has been creating for more than 50 years. Over the years, he has been invited to exhibit in well-known art museums at home and abroad. Zhen, Wang Zhonglong, Liao Shuqian, Cai Weicheng, etc.; Xie Dongliang held a solo exhibition at the beginning of the opening of the Tunqu Arts and Culture Center 14 years ago. Accomplishments and comprehension, presented to the majority of art lovers.

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Xie Dongliang said that over the years he has been experimenting with various shapes, materials and different techniques, because art is creation, and creation is continuous discovery and expression; "style" and "creation" reflect the artist's "constant" and "change". , like the yin and yang of Tai Chi, and how to reconcile it is a science, the style should keep pace with the times, but the creation is never the same as others, it is the establishment of personal style, so his creation is always changing, but the spirit contained in the works The power remains unchanged, and finally expresses the inner feelings to the world through the external form.

Xie Dongliang mentioned that he realized the importance of life and health more than 30 years ago, and chose Tai Chi and martial arts, hoping to open up new creative heights. Martial arts is one of the springs of creative inspiration.

The kung fu series works prove his efforts in the integration of martial arts and art. The themes include Tai Chi, Baguazhang, swordsmanship, swordsmanship, and long weapons.

Tun District Art and Culture Center explained that the shape of "Cloud Hand" exhibited this time is based on the classic Taijiquan cloud hand pose, and three works with different appearances have been created. The surface is painted with spiral textures, emphasizing the contrast between yin and yang; the "Empty Series" uses lines to present the shapes of empty characters; the "Rebirth Series" deconstructs and reassembles the works to give new life; , Bronze-colored "Air Covering Mountains and Rivers (1)", with one hand holding a spear and the other hand pointing at the figure above, creates a spatial momentum.

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