Zheng Liangxin publicly confessed that she loves her girlfriend.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Artist Zheng Liangxin made her debut in "I Love Hei Shihui" and performed well in "All-Star Games 4". Rehabilitation.

Today, on April Fool's Day, she publicly confessed her love. As a handsome T, she exposed a sweet photo of her girlfriend's forehead. It can be seen that her girlfriend is a beautiful foreign girl.

Zheng Liangxin.

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Zheng Liangxin posted an 80-character flash, "Now I am very satisfied every day, thank you for letting me know that I can be so happy, we have changed from friends to tenants, work partners, and now we have upgraded to lovers, and occasionally enemies... Fate is really really close Wonderful, you believe me! Please continue to make me happier in the future!".

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Zheng Liangxin and her mother Hu Wenying.

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Zheng Liangxin's mother is Hu Wenying, a beautiful witch. She publicly supports her daughter's sexuality, leaving a message of congratulations "full of pink bubbles". Hu Wenying, who is frozen in age, is surrounded by young meat pursuits. The relationship between mother and daughter has become a hot topic among netizens.

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