Cai Qiufeng (right) participated in Dagang Concert and performed with Shao Dalun.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Kaohsiung Report] 55-year-old Taiwanese queen Cai Qiufeng participated in the Dagang concert for the first time. She has suffered from ear problems in recent years, and her nervousness will become more serious every time. She confessed that she was nervous and insomnia last night, and was even The family urged him not to sing anymore.

Cai Qiufeng, who made her debut at the age of 13, recognized that her family members often advised her to stop singing and to have a good rest. In fact, she had never participated in a large-scale performance after singing at the Taipei Arena in 2014. This time she nods to participate in Dagang, hoping to get closer Close to young fans.

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Cai Qiufeng said: "To tell you the truth, I have been back to the doctor in the past few years, and my ears are better. The doctor advised me to sing happily now, as long as there is no pressure."

She said in an interview: "This time I participated in the concert in Dagang, my heart opened, and I thought of saying that I am happy and worried at the same time, because my personality is very demanding of perfection. This is the first time I come to have fun with young friends. I feel very happy.” But yesterday, when she went south for a field survey in advance, she was super nervous, but when she was eating at the restaurant, she heard some young fans talking about coming to see Cai Qiufeng. She finally breathed a sigh of relief and became very emotional.

Cai Qiufeng also said in an interview: "Singing is my life. If everyone doesn't dislike it, I hope to hold two more (Fengmai concerts) and stop singing after that. It depends on everyone's enthusiasm." When To sing there is currently no schedule.

She let go of her intention to hold a large-scale solo concert at the Beigao Arena, and she even admitted that there is box office pressure, "What if no one comes to see it? Now I am not a young man, and I may have to kill everyone for a long time .”

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