Lin Changzuo returns to The Shining Band.

(Provided by The Shining Orchestra)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Kaohsiung Report] The Shining Orchestra will be the finale performance of Dagang's Nanbatian stage tonight. The lead singer "Freddy" Lin Changzuo announced that he will not run for the 2024 legislator next year. He was asked if the orchestra has no plans?

Lin Changzuo responded: "This is a sudden event. The term of the legislator is still one year away, and there is no plan for things after next year." At this stage, the members have their own work to do, and their thoughts on music are very free.

Legislator Lin Changzuo announced last month that he would not run for election next year because his family suffered from a "rare cerebrovascular disease". He was asked about his family's health?

He said in a low-key way: "I just need to pay close attention to it. The proportion should be like this. It has been like this for the past two years." Special attention should be paid to the health of the family.

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After more than two years, Lin Changzuo returned to perform on the large stage. He admitted that he was suffering from allergies. Today, his voice is relatively hoarse. However, the group leader Doris seems to have lost a lot of weight, and his figure is still hot. She said: "This year I have been working out, and I feel that my thighs have become firmer as I get older, but my husband doesn't care about me?"

In this regard, Lin Changzuo smiled back: "Only the fitness trainer cares about him, but I don't think she is serious about training. I can't make up time with her (exercise), so we do our own things." He and Doris' baby My daughter Miru is also present today, and she should be there to enjoy the brilliant performance of The Shining.

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