The doctor said that the protein and vitamin content in semen are very small, and the amount of each ejaculation is not much. To achieve the effect of beauty and beauty, it is better to take it directly from food; the picture is a schematic diagram.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Swallowing semen" is one of the behaviors that increase the interest during sex, and many people have heard that semen can beautify the skin.

However, Gu Fangyu, director of Gu Fangyu Urology Clinic, posted on the Facebook fan page "Mr. Bird Science - Urology Dr. Gu Fangyu" that 95% of semen is water, and although it contains protein, vitamins, etc., the content is very small, plus the amount of ejaculation per ejaculation Not much, to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty is not as good as direct intake from food.

Gu Fangyu pointed out that semen is the fluid secreted by sperm mixed with prostatic fluid, seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands. Its composition is 95% water, and the other 5% is sperm, fat globules, proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, starch, Fructose, crystals, etc.

But even if there are other nutrients, compared with their content and the amount of each ejaculation, the dosage is actually very small, and the effect is not obvious.

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According to the National Health Department, ejaculation refers to sperm mixed with seminal vesicles and prostate secretions, passing through the urethra, and then ejected from the front of the penis.

Each time you ejaculate, about 2-4 c.c. of semen can be ejaculated, and each cc of semen contains more than 50 million sperm, and the life span of the baby sperm is longer than that of the egg, and the egg can only live for 1 day. If the sperm is ejaculated, Entering the female body, it can survive for 3-5 days.

Gu Fangyu reminded that the purpose of "swallowing semen" is mostly to add interest. The man hopes to feel served and respected, while the woman hopes to get the response and love from the other party.

If there are no reasons such as sexually transmitted diseases, swallowing sperm will basically not affect health, but if it makes the other party feel uncomfortable, it must not be forced.

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