Pizza Hut launches a new initiative on April Fool's Day!

"Zero Harm Pizza" is available in limited quantities from now on.

(Picture / Recap from Pizza Hut FB)

After the launch of "Barbecue Round Pizza" and "Natto Pizza" caused heated discussions on the Internet, Pizza Hut today (1st) apologized to the public in a PO post on Facebook, promising not to joke anymore. It turned out that the new product was launched on April Fool's Day "Zero Harm Pizza", without any fillings, the hollow "Cheese Heart Donuts" are made with mozzarella cheese rich cheese, limited sale from now on, attracted more than 20,000 likes in a short time , even the artist Li Yuxi followed suit and made an order, posting physical photos in response!

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Sprinkled with pink radish flowers and Japanese coriander

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Pizza Hut said in a Facebook PO post today, "Sorry! Italians! Sorry! Japanese! Sorry! Changhua people! Sorry... Pizza Hut doesn't dare to joke anymore!" and introduced a new masterpiece that is limited to launch today " Zero Harm Pizza", said with a smile that it is "the friendliest product in history". Everyone loves it. Tie!"

"Zero Harm Pizza" Zhixin Quanquan, from now until 4/7, will be sold in limited quantities throughout Taiwan, and the price is 149 yuan per piece. Pizza Hut also attaches a funny meme, recommending that you not only eat it, but also take it as a pawn It can be used for baby's saliva collection, or as a fitness ring for sports, as an artifact for entertainment players, etc. It can be used in a circle.

Artist Li Yuxi said in a PO article that when she saw the new product launched on April Fool's Day, she immediately ordered to make a pilgrimage and said "It's so funny!"

Many netizens left messages and replied after reading the post, "This kid really loves it", "It's so funny! Pizza Hut's marketing is too ruthless", "Can birthday stars get a wreath", "It finally appeared, my son's favorite food The sides~", "Buy two for hedging"... once again set off a wave of discussion topics.

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