Zhang Huimei (right) sang and invited many outstanding musicians to help.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] "Amei" Zhang Huimei will continue to hold the second "aMEI ASMR World Tour Concert" at the Kaohsiung Arena tonight (1). She has changed her appearance during this performance and has been praised by fans for her beauty. Last night After the first performance, Amei's boyfriend Sam went out for supper. "Self-casting" happened to meet the media, and was asked about Amei.

This time, A-mei's singing scale is wide open, and one of the clothes has a deep V to below the navel. A-mei's boyfriend Sam was asked if she thinks A-mei's look is good-looking?

He responded generously with 4 words: "It's too sexy!" When asked again, would he stop Amei from wearing too revealing?

Sam laughed and said, "How come? It's so pretty."

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A-mei has strict requirements for the performance. After the first show last night, she felt too nervous. "The performance can be better!" She stayed at the scene and had a half-hour meeting with the team to discuss the adjustments to the styling, sound, etc. Return to hotel to rest.

For this concert, Amei invited musicians from all over the world. Following the well-known guitarist Lari from Brazil in Taipei, the Kaohsiung stage invited Japanese star guitarist Takayoshi Omura to help out.

Omura Xiaojia said on the first day of the group practice that he "remembers my sister's song". In his past interviews, he once praised that her sister is clearly a real top artist, and she is still very gentle and kind to everyone as always. It is very worth learning exemplary attitude.

Although the Kaohsiung venue is a "carnival version of ASMR", Amei did not forget to hide emotional eggs, and re-sang "Love Is Only". , or the love that is hard to say to the family, etc., and then six editors efficiently produced the "ASMR Kaohsiung Diary" MV, which was broadcast as a transition VCR at the concert.

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