Member of Parliament for Ilemela state Dr. Angeline Mabula has asked various football stakeholders in Mwanza region to come out in large numbers to support women's teams in Mwanza region and participate in various competitions.

Dr Mabula said this today during the annual meeting of the Women's Football Association of Mwanza region (WFAMZ) held at the CCM Kirumba stadium.

He has congratulated the women's soccer association in Mwanza region for adopting their constitution.

"We go up and down in football because the stakeholders have not been close to the games and see the importance of contributing to be able to help our teams do well," said Dr. Mabula.

The chairman of the party, Sophia Makilagi, said that the state of women's football is still not good

"Still the situation of women's soccer is not good at the moment, we have one team in the Premier League (Alliance girls), and three in the first division (Bilo academy, Ukerewe queens and TSC Academy)" said Makilagi.

He said in the regional league there are three teams of Marsh, Jona, Sandumina and Saint Augustine University (SAUT).