Ming-Chi Wong's concert, former Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe came to watch.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi (1) held a "Big Airplane" concert at the Arena. Former Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe also came to the concert. , when he arrived at the scene, he was asked if he had the confidence to practice singing. He said of course not. When it came to the broken sound, I felt that I couldn't continue singing, so I waved my hands and smiled and said it.

Huang Mingzhi thanked everyone for not going to Kaohsiung to see Zhang Huimei and Mayday, and to attend his concert.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Huang Mingzhi saw Ke Wenzhe at the scene tonight. He introduced Ke Wenzhe as the presidential candidate of the Republic of China. He also shouted to Ke Wenzhe: "If you have the opportunity to be president, remember to ask me to endorse Taiwan's sightseeing."

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Huang Mingzhi (middle) sang with his parents.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Both Huang Mingzhi's parents have sung with him, and they will also sing with him on stage tonight. In addition, Huang Mingzhi suddenly thanked the fans for not going to Kaohsiung to see Mayday and Zhang Huimei today, but chose to see him. .”

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