Erina's strong debut in Japanese AV has attracted attention from all walks of life.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong AV actress Erina entered the Japanese AV industry. Her debut work was against the popular AV actor Ken Shimizu. After the work was released, it attracted pilgrimages from all walks of life and became the top seller on Amazon in Japan. However, it also attracted a lot of attention. Sheng Lang, who is known as "F Milk", does not seem to be as explosive as she imagined in the film, which caused dissatisfaction among a large number of fans.

Erina is the first foreign AV actress of the Japanese film company Faleno Star. The total length of her debut is 165 minutes. In addition to being gentle with the "AV godfather" Shimizu Ken, she also cooperates with two other male actors. There are 4 sex scenes in total.

With the release of the work, fans also questioned the "F breasts", thinking that the film was seriously shrunk, at most there was only a C cup.

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Erina was questioned about not having "F tits".

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The plump bust on the cover of Elena was also questioned after the video was broadcast. Fans were angry and said, "The cover is at least F Cup, and the most C Cup is seen in the video." However, the use of Cantonese throughout the film is another highlight. Elina's debut The reaction was polarized, leaving aside the doubts about the cup size, many fans thought that the overall performance was quite natural, and the debut received a lot of discussion, and it will also become an important cornerstone of the AV road.

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