Malaysian singer-songwriter Huang Mingzhi made his first egg attack tonight.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Malaysian singer-songwriter Huang Mingzhi hit the egg for the first time tonight (1) and launched the "Big Airplane" tour. During "Big Airplane", 16 sexy "stewardesses" showed off their beautiful legs and buttocks, feasting the eyes of fans.

American cheerleaders Luxy Girls dressed as "stewardess" took off Mingzhi Huang's captain's uniform on stage. He knew who would want to see him take it off, so he just asked these beauties to take it off. The sexy "stewardess" took off his bikini on the spot , Spicy Big Egg.

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Mingzhi Wong Big Airplane Concert.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

After Mingzhi Huang sang "All Four Are Empty", he said: "It's so cool!" He said that this tour will go to many places, "Except for Beijing, yes, I will fly to many countries and cities, but Beijing is not." Tonight Huang Mingzhi will prepare 49 songs , many of them are suites, because he has too many songs, he sang songs such as "My Love" and "Accidental", and the photos of Japanese actresses who have shot MVs with him are also shown on the big screen on the stage. He is also curious Who is the fans' favourite?

Tonight, including Xie Hexian and his wife, as well as Xiao A, all came to watch Mingzhi Huang's concert. In line with the theme of the "Big Airplane" tour, there was a flight attendant funny reminder of safety instructions before the opening. Hit the missile.

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