Postpartum pregnant women will lose a lot of hair due to the decline of estrogen and hormones; the picture is a schematic diagram.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many mothers may suffer from hair loss to some extent after giving birth. Cai Chengling, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at Hanyitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, said that a large amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon in the first 3 months after delivery, and it will start to ease after about 6 months. It will return to normal in one year, but Qi and blood, insufficient nutrition, high stress, emotional tension, and poor sleep quality will affect the amount of hair loss. If you consider Chinese medicine conditioning, you can start from confinement.

Cai Chengling pointed out in a Facebook fan page "Han Yi Tang Chinese Medicine Clinic" that during pregnancy, the amount of estrogen and hormones in the body is very high, the hair will not enter the resting period, and the amount of hair loss is relatively small, but after giving birth to estrogen, The amount of hormones drops rapidly, and the hair enters the telogen period. "It is normal to lose a lot of hair 3 months after delivery. It starts to lose the hair volume of your nearly 10-month pregnancy." About 6 months to 1 year Recovery, Mommy doesn't need to worry too much.

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As for the reasons for the increasingly severe hair loss, it may be caused by insufficient energy and blood after childbirth, insufficient nutritional supplements, such as iron, zinc, vitamins, or postpartum stress, poor mood, and lack of sleep. She explained that from the third week onwards, medicines to nourish the waist, knees, kidneys, and spleen and stomach can be added to the confinement meal. Among them, the kidneys, spleen and stomach can help moisturize the hair.

Cai Chengling pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine is mainly aimed at the physical conditioning of postpartum mothers, such as kidney deficiency, qi and blood deficiency will strengthen the tonic medicine; stress-induced liver depression and qi stagnation, such as headache, depression, insomnia, dreaminess, menstrual disorders, can be Use medicines that soothe the liver and relieve depression.

If you overdo it and get too greasy, get angry, and have symptoms of phlegm, dampness and heat, such as heaviness of limbs, body edema, cough with profuse phlegm, and thick and greasy tongue coating, then add heat-clearing and damp-clearing medicines to suit the case.

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