The doctor said that calcium supplementation will not cause stones, but eating too salty will increase the risk of kidney stones.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] A woman accidentally fell and broke her thigh a few days ago. The examination found osteoporosis. She needs to supplement vitamin D, calcium and take osteoporosis medicine, but she is worried that "calcium supplementation will cause kidney stones", Yida Hospital Hong Weijie, director of the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Family Medicine, said that there are different opinions on the relevant arguments. The neutral approach should be to monitor the quality of calcium in the blood. Too much or too little is not good. It is generally recommended that osteoporosis patients take in 1200 mg of calcium per day.

But what is certain is that eating too salty significantly increases the chance of stones.

Hong Weijie posted an article on the Facebook fan page "Dr. Hong Weijie's Love Talking Space". Regarding whether calcium supplementation will cause kidney stones, some studies say it will slightly increase the probability, and some literatures say it will reduce the probability. The Journal of Urology Medicine "The Journal A study in "of Urology" covering 80,000 people found that about 2,000 of them (2.5%) developed kidney stones. Further analysis of daily eating habits found that increasing calcium intake actually reduced the occurrence of kidney stones, but eating too salty, Being overweight increases the risk of stones.

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​ ●Increase calcium intake:

reduce the chance of kidney stones by 5-29%.

​ ●Increase sodium (salt) intake:

increase the chance of kidney stones by 11-61%.

​ ●Weight gain:

Increase the chance of kidney stones by 19-101%.

Hong Weijie explained that the principle of calcium supplementation to reduce the risk of stones can start with hypocalcemia. Parathyroid hormone is responsible for maintaining sufficient calcium in the blood. When the calcium in the blood is too low, parathyroid hormone will increase secretion and hyperactivity will occur.

In order to make the blood calcium sufficient, parathyroid hormone will extract calcium from the bones to the blood, increase the absorption of calcium in the small intestine and excrete calcium in the urine. When the calcium in the urine increases, it may increase the chance of stone formation.

Therefore, supplementing enough calcium to avoid hypocalcemia is expected to prevent the risk of stones caused by hypocalcemia.

As for why eating salty food can cause kidney stones?

Hong Weijie said that it is because the salt we usually eat contains sodium ions. If you take too much salt, you will naturally excrete more sodium in the urine, which will also cause more calcium to be excreted in the urine, increasing the chance of stones.

Not only that, after more calcium is excreted from the urine, the calcium in the blood becomes less and hypocalcemia occurs, which will return to the above cycle, significantly increasing the chance of stone formation.

Daily intake of calcium should be 1200mg

Therefore, a more neutral approach should be to monitor the calcium quality in the blood, avoid excessive supplementation and hypercalcemia, and no supplementation and hypocalcemia. The general standard recommends that patients with osteoporosis should consume 1200 mg of calcium per day, and avoid eating Too salty can cause kidney stones.

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