The doctor pointed out that although sexual behavior increases the probability of myocardial infarction by 2.7 times, the increase in the probability of myocardial infarction is very small because the actual sexual behavior is not long.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] The spread of sexual behavior on the Internet will increase the risk of myocardial infarction, similar to "horse wind". Liu Zhongping, a cardiologist at Yuping Clinic, pointed out that studies have shown that although sexual behavior increases the risk of myocardial infarction by 2.7 times, However, because the actual time of sexual activity is not long, if one hour per week, the probability of myocardial infarction may increase by about 3/10,000 within a year. At present, doctors do not recommend that ordinary people reduce sexual activity.

Liu Zhongping posted on his Facebook fan page "Dr. Liu Zhongping's Cardiology Notes" that studies have shown that people who have exercise habits will reduce the risk of myocardial infarction during sexual activity by more than half compared with those who do not exercise.

Therefore, exercise more, maintain healthy living habits, and make sure your heart is in good health, so you can do happy things happily.

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How soon can sex be resumed after a heart attack?

Liu Zhongping said that the American Heart Association recommends that if there are no symptoms after myocardial infarction and mild exercise without discomfort, normal sexual behavior can be resumed one week later.

Light exercise includes biking, brisk walking, and climbing 2 flights of stairs. If you can do these things, sex should be easy.

However, he reminded that if there are still residual lesions found in the cardiac catheterization, it is recommended to ask the doctor to arrange a cardiac stress test (exercise electrocardiogram or myocardial perfusion scan) to confirm whether the heart has fully recovered.

If you have undergone open-heart surgery, you must wait 8 weeks for the chest wound to heal before having sex.

Liu Zhongping pointed out that at present, sexual behavior is considered to be equivalent to more than moderate exercise. Rehabilitation studies for heart disease patients have shown that it is safe to start rehabilitation exercise one week after myocardial infarction, so sexual behavior can be performed. Patients with a stable heart have been evaluated by doctors , without chest tightness, shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat, you can engage in it.

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