The doctor said that seafood is a very healthy prototype food, and it is also one of the options of the Mediterranean diet; the picture is a schematic diagram.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Seafood is the favorite of many people, but if they eat too much, they will be afraid of consuming too much cholesterol, which will cause the value to exceed the standard.

In this regard, Cai Mingjie, a specialist in endocrinology and metabolism, said that seafood is a very healthy prototype food, and it is also one of the options of the Mediterranean diet.

If you are worried that eating seafood will lead to excessive cholesterol intake, it is better to reduce fatty meat, fried food, processed food, etc., and avoid excessive intake of saturated fat, so as to truly protect the cardiovascular system and prevent high blood cholesterol.

Cai Mingjie posted on the Facebook page "Dr. Cai Mingjie Health. Slimming" that seafood is an excellent source of protein with low fat and low carbohydrates. If you are worried about high cholesterol, you can first avoid fish eggs, crab roe, shrimp heads and other parts to reduce weight loss. Cholesterol intake.

If you eat shrimp, small rolls, clams, scallops, etc., the cholesterol content will not be too high, even much less than the cholesterol in an egg.

In addition, he pointed out that eating cholesterol does not mean that blood cholesterol will increase. The level of blood cholesterol is related to personal constitution or genes, and 80% of blood cholesterol is produced by the liver, and only 20% is affected by diet.

In addition, although the U.S. Dietary Guidelines has lifted the restriction on cholesterol intake since 2015, each person's constitution is different. If the cholesterol level is already too high, you should still pay attention to the intake.

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Cai Mingjie reminded that in addition to cholesterol intake, saturated fat is also the culprit of rising cholesterol, which mainly comes from animal fats, such as fatty meat, lard, butter, etc.

Not only that, plant-based coconut oil, as well as palm oil, which is commonly found in fried and processed foods, can also cause cholesterol to rise, so don't be careless.

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