Wei Shaojun depicts the natural ecology with delicate knife work.

(Provided by Ping County Government)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] Wei Shaojun, a paper carving artist who has long been concerned about natural issues, uses delicate knife work to make various animals and plants come alive on paper. At the invitation of the Pingtung County Government, his works were exhibited at the Pingtung Art Museum for the first time, and specially for this time The exhibition created Guanwu Sanjiao fish and other 9 species of endangered animals in Taiwan, and led the paper-cut works of children from Dimoer Elementary School in Pingxian County to be exhibited together. The exhibition period is from now until June 11.

Artist Wei Shaojun is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology of Tunghai University. He taught himself paper art. Through the texture of paper fibers and light projection, he shows his personal intuitive, soft and open creative characteristics. His works wander between two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

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"When creating on paper, it is consciously choosing which parts to put down and which parts to keep. This is the most interesting process of understanding creation and life." Wei Shaojun's creative themes are mostly related to the ecology of nature. The observation of various wild animals allows the creative process and discussion to maintain a sense of connection with nature. On the other hand, by portraying the postures of animals, it restores my childhood love for animals.

Artist Wei Shaojun (third from right in the back row) took a group photo with children from Sandimen Dimoer Elementary School.

(Provided by Ping County Government)

Wei Shaojun said that the exhibition of more than 40 works is named "Mother of the Earth", which means the earth we live in, like a mother, where all things are conceived, nourished and protected.

The Cultural Office of Ping County Government stated that under the artist's fine depiction, the images of elephants, turtles, whales and other animals, between the light and shadow, seem to see the changes in the living conditions of animals and humans on the earth for hundreds of years.

Among them are pangolins, Taiwan black bears, Eurasian otters, Zhuluo tree frogs, Guanwu salamanders, Taiwan flying foxes, blue whales, stone tigers, and eight-color birds, as well as nine endangered animals, as well as the Taiwan clouded leopard, which is considered extinct in Taiwan. , each piece of creation conveys his concern for the ecological environment, hoping to arouse the public's attention to natural ecological conservation and a friendly environment.

At the beginning of this year, under the arrangement of the Cultural Department, Wei Shaojun went to Sandimen Dimoer Elementary School to teach paper-cutting. The works of more than 60 children were also presented in the exhibition hall, reflecting each other with the works of the artists, and together showing the richness of the mother earth. .

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