Tuna returned to Guangdong to visit grandma a few days ago.

(Reposted from IG) (Photographed by reporter Lin Xinying)

[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] Many people will return home to sweep the tomb during the Qing Minlian holiday. A grandmother from Guangdong, she revealed on a variety show a few days ago that she had made a family revolution in order to enter the entertainment industry, and she also revealed the heart-warming side of her father that is unknown to everyone.

A few days ago, she revealed on the show that her family had opposed her entering the showbiz. Her father even threatened that she would be punished by unspoken rules and called her a "chicken". Tuo clarified: "Dad used to be a film producer. His It’s not easy to be popular in this era, but I’m actually just afraid that I’ll go on a different path.” Later, he also expressed his determination to enter the entertainment industry, and his family also chose, “For example, my first management contract was my father’s help. Talking about it, my mother will also accompany me to record the video." I also said that the relationship with my parents is like friends, and I am very grateful to my family for their company.

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And she also revealed that her grandfather in Guangdong passed away in January this year. Because of the epidemic, she hadn’t been back for 3 or 4 years. She is used to having "morning tea" at eight o'clock in the morning. She admits that she was bored when she was a child, but now she thinks it is very precious. "I feel that my grandma will not be able to leave this year when I go back this year. I will want to visit her more when I have time."

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