ASUS released the promotional video of ROG ALLY, the first gaming handheld.

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ASUS enters the gaming handheld market?

On April 1st, April Fool's Day, ASUS announced that ROG is preparing to launch the first game handheld ROG ALLY, and released a 3-minute promotional introduction video, but did not specify the specific launch time.

According to the video, ASUS gaming handheld ROG ALLY is equipped with Windows system and uses a specially built AMD Ryzen processor with high performance. It is no problem to play 3A game masterpieces. It can cope with different game platforms. The screen resolution is Full HD .

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The official did not specify the specific launch time.

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An external graphics card can be added to enhance performance.

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The inside of the fuselage is equipped with dual fans to improve heat dissipation, and there are also ROG's prodigal eyes and RGB lighting effects on the back.

With the ROG XG Mobile external graphics card, the performance can be further improved, and it can also be streamed to the big TV screen to play games.

It is not sure whether this is an April Fool's Day joke, or ASUS ROG does have this plan. If it is just an April Fool's Day joke, it would seem too real and intentional.

In addition, a Best Buy link is also attached at the end of the promotional video, so that players can leave an E-mail to subscribe to the latest product information, and receive notifications when pre-orders are available in the future.

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