Lin Zhiyan (left) was revealed by Korean media to be in love with Li Daoxuan.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] Less than a month after the second part of the Korean drama "Dark Glory" was released, a real CP love affair broke out. The executioner doctor who guarded "Sister Qiao" Song Hye Kyo in the play, 27-year-old Li Daoxuan, was caught by the Korean media "Dispatch" broke out today (1), and she is in love with "bully" Park Si-jin. The news surprised fans!

"Dispatch" directly disclosed that the two dated at the end of last year, and there are even photos with "conclusive evidence". Lee Daojun is 5 years younger than "Park Sijin" actor Lin Zhiyan. The two became friends last year because of "Dark Glory". The two got closer at the end of filming.

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Lin Zhiyan (left) and Li Daoxuan's date photo was taken by Korean media.

(recapped from Dispatch)

Regarding the relationship between the two parties, their respective brokerage companies have indicated that they are confirming; whether it is true or not, netizens expressed surprise that the two people are actually paired together, "The man took revenge on the woman instead of Qiao Mei, but fell in love with each other off-screen. It’s so messy.” Some people joked, “Have these two ever thought about Ms. Qiao?”, “I think Ms. Qiao will be very blessed when she finds out.”

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