Apink sang hot legs in Taiwan and sang nearly 20 songs, full of sincerity.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/New Taipei Report] After 5 years, the popular South Korean girl group Apink has visited Taiwan 7 times with all members. They sang nearly 20 songs throughout the show. Eunji confessed to fans: "Fans are as necessary as air." Xia Rong mentioned: "After running around Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei recently, I once again feel the happiest on stage!" In the end, he added three encores and sang a chorus with fans, full of sincerity.

Apink sang at the Wugu Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Center in New Taipei tonight. Wumei showed off her signature hot legs, put on a pink jersey, and started singing with "Dilemma" and "Dumhdurum". Nearly 3,000 fans supported her.

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This time they came to Taiwan, in addition to gorging on mango ice, beef noodles, siu mai and other delicacies, they did not forget to exercise, and even went to the swimming pool together.

In addition, Apink did not forget to publicize that they will release their new single "DND" on the 5th, and at the end they took a group photo with the audience to draw a perfect ending; they will leave the stage tomorrow, and the flight will not be disclosed.

#Apink 4/1 concert opening two performance video link: (provided by D-SHOW)

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