The flowering period of wisteria in Yamuganggou is about 14 days, so hurry up and start to see the best flowering period!

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)

During the Children’s Day holiday, people in northern Taiwan don’t want to be exhausted by commuting. They might as well take the MRT or the bus to visit new attractions. There are hundreds of wisterias in the “Luzhou Yamu Ganggou” in New Taipei City. Electric cars, also known as children's supercars, have recently become a blast in the parent-child circle. The "Multi-functional Children's Practice Field" next to the Xiulang Bridge is newly opened, which is just right for bringing children to play in the wind; in addition, the historic site of "Huwei Primary School Auditorium" Free and open to visit, you can take advantage of the holidays to check in and experience Japanese children's play!

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The meerkat and capybara swimming pool in the new farm is super healing

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Hundreds of flowers in Yamuganggou are in full bloom, wisterias are blooming

During the consecutive holidays, I went to Luzhou Yamuganggou to enjoy the flowers in spring. When the firecrackers are coming to an end, more than 100 wisterias on the left bank will appear in relay. The purple flowers sway with the wind. Although the flowering period is short for about two weeks, it is close Watching the dreamy purple flower sea, you can also smell the faint fragrance of flowers. The flower language has the meaning of tenderness and loyalty, and it is also very suitable for couples to take pictures and shine!

There are nearly 100 wisterias planted in Yamuganggou, and they have been blooming recently.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)

Walking on the sidewalk of Yamuganggou, people can see lavender neem flowers intertwined with yellow-flowered Suzuki in the shade of the trees, and the colorful flowers of lantana are also blooming along the bank, and the pink-colored sheep's hooves decorate the river banks on both sides In other words, people in northern Taiwan don’t have to travel far to enjoy the flowers, and they can easily get there by MRT or bus.

Lavender neem flowers are interlaced with yellow bellwood in the shade.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)


Luzhou Yamu Ganggou

traffic information: MRT Luzhou Station Exit 1, transfer to bus 14, 581, 806, 816, Ju 16, Ju 17, get off at "Yong'anli" stop, walk for three minutes to reach Ya Home port ditch; self-driving navigation at the intersection of the second section of Yong'an South Road in Luzhou and the intersection of Zhongshan 2nd Road.

The multi-purpose children's practice field is open!

"Children's super run" come here to play

Want to take the children at home to exercise their muscles and bones?

The "Multifunctional Children's Practice Ground" located next to the Xiulang Bridge on the left bank of Xindian Creek has been reopened since March 31. It provides a variety of wheel board sports for children. It is an exclusive leisure environment for children. Recently, the floor has been reorganized and a new runway has been planned. , can experience the fun of parent-child interaction again!

Children's electric cars with remote control and cool appearance are very popular, and the field next to Xiulang bridge is suitable for children to play.

(Photo/Provided by the High Beach Land Engineering Management Office of the New Taipei City Government)

The field is open to experience children's electric vehicles, children's scooters and various children's wheel board leisure sports, bringing children a more diverse and safe recreational environment.

The public can enter the Xiulong Zhuifeng parking lot in Gaotandi by crossing the causeway around the Xiulong Bridge, and walk in the direction of Xiulong Bridge for about 1 minute.

People who take the MRT can get off at the Xiulang Bridge Station on the Loop Line, and enter the Riverside Park through the Xiulang Auto Traction Road and the Xiulang Bridge Stairs.

Remind children to be accompanied by their parents or guardians to use the site, and pay attention to safety by themselves, and properly use safety protection equipment (seat belts, helmets and protective gear, etc.).

The "Multifunctional Children's Practice Field" next to the Xiulong Bridge has been reopened since 3/31, providing a variety of wheel board sports for children.

(Photo/Provided by the High Beach Land Engineering Management Office of the New Taipei City Government)

Free admission to "Huwei Elementary School Auditorium", a historic site in New Taipei City

Tamsui is one of the most important cultural birthplaces in northern Taiwan, and has important Japanese cultural assets. Among them, the "Huwei Elementary School Auditorium" is the only school building in Tamsui that has survived since the early days of Japanese occupation. The restoration project began in 2021. It started in March and has been completed, and free admission is available from now on.

The auditorium is a typical public building made of red bricks at that time. There are arc arches and buttresses on the outer wall, and there are circular arched wooden windows and flat arched wooden doors. It combines Eastern and Western architectural styles. It is located on a hillside with an excellent view .

The most special thing is that it is one of the members of the "囧face" historic site. It has more white eyebrows and beards than the mansion at Tamsui Customs Wharf. It is the latest photo spot!

The restoration of "Huwei Elementary School Auditorium" has been completed, and it will be open to visitors for free from now on.

(Photo/Provided by New Taipei City Tamsui Historic Museum)

In addition to the architectural features, three major exhibition areas are planned, including the Duobaoge in the old days, the daily lessons of the elementary school, and the children's fun after school, displaying the preserved relics and structures and the education system in the Tamsui area during the Japanese occupation. The real scene of the retro classroom is a must-see scene, and the classroom life of elementary school students is presented with animation. In addition, the Japanese children's play experience area provides traditional folk toys such as sandbags, kendama, and knocking Daruma, so that the public can experience the students at that time through hands-on play. "Fun" after class.

There is a Japanese children's play experience area in the "Huwei Elementary School Auditorium", a designated historic site in New Taipei City.

(Photo/Provided by New Taipei City Tamsui Historic Museum)


Address: No. 7, Lane 1, Jianshe Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City

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