Apple WWDC 2023 date confirmed.

(Picture/Apple) Apple 2023 WWDC is expected to debut on June 6. Three new products are expected to debut simultaneously, including the first MR helmet, 15-inch MacBook Air and the new generation Mac Pro.

The iOS 16.4 update was also released this week. Although there are bugs such as Siri failure, they will be ruled out soon.

In addition, the 2023 E3 game exhibition was canceled due to the withdrawal of major manufacturers.

The topic of AI is still hot. Italy is the first to block and disable ChatGPT because of its privacy issues. Midjourney AI generated drawings are also closed for free trial this week because there are too many wash-free accounts in China.

Apple's June press conference is scheduled!

Heavyweight revolutionary new products are ready to debut

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Apple announced this week that the WWDC 2023 Developers Conference will be held online from June 6th to 10th, Taiwan time. In addition to focusing on five major system updates, it is rumored that the first MR helmet that Apple has been developing for a long time is also expected to debut for the first time. Its xrOS operating system may also have a 15-inch MacBook Air, a new generation of Mac Pro... continue reading

→ Apple's new product weight will be released in June to keep variables!

Analysts reveal key reasons

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 The iOS 16.4 update is here!

Apple released 9 major upgrades to fix more than 30 security holes

Apple released the official version of iOS 16.4 this week. According to the official statement, there are a total of 9 key points of this update, including bringing 6 new features and fixing 3 major bugs. Not only that, but also more than 30 security vulnerabilities have been patched, including kernel Vulnerabilities may cause users to be executed by hackers to steal data without knowing it.

Although this is a small update, many practical functions have been added to iOS 16.4... continue reading

→ iOS 16.4 update burst Siri failure disaster!

Come here to give 3 tricks to solve

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The world's first shot!

Italy blocks ChatGPT to investigate privacy concerns

Italy's privacy data protection regulator said on March 31 that it has launched an investigation into OpenAI's generative artificial intelligence (AI) robot ChatGPT, which is suspected of violating the data collection norms for artificial intelligence applications, and therefore temporarily blocked ChatGPT.

This is the first competent authority in the world to block this currently popular artificial intelligence robot due to privacy concerns... continue reading

→ Dinosaur Judge?

The case is too difficult to set a precedent and ask for help from ChatGPT, the verdict is out

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For the first time in history!

All the big players ran out of the 2023 E3 game exhibition and shouted that the card will not be held

The E3 game show, which was originally scheduled to debut in Los Angeles, USA in June, is the first physical event to resume due to the impact of the epidemic since 2019. However, the return of E3 has caused a lack of interest from major manufacturers. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc. have long stated that they will not participate. SEGA, Ubisoft, etc. have also withdrawn one after another. The organizers can only accept the reality that it cannot go on. In the countdown of 2 and a half months, they called for emergency cards and canceled them all... continue reading

→ Sony PS VR2 "sold poorly" dismal sales exposure!

Analysts: One way to save yourself

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Was spoiled by China's no-clean account!

Midjourney AI-generated drawing closes free trial

AI-generated drawing is a hot topic recently. Midjourney is one of the well-known tools. As long as you enter a keyword command, the corresponding image will be automatically generated. However, Midjourney closed the free trial this week, which made many netizens feel embarrassed.

David Holz, CEO of Midjourney, explained that it is because a large number of users have laundered their accounts recently. In order to try it out for free, they keep opening new accounts and then discard them when they are used up... continue reading

→ Embarrassed!

Google was exposed by former engineers to "borrow" ChatGPT to train Bard, but no one believed it