[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei Report] "Megan", the first sister of the new generation ghost doll, debuted at the beginning of the year in "Megan", which was released at the beginning of the year, and achieved unexpected good results. It was produced at a small cost of 12 million US dollars. It sold 176 million US dollars at the box office, earning more than 14 times.

Many movie fans compared Megan with the classic ghost doll "Chucky". Director Gerald Johnston was asked, "If Megan and Chucky had a doll fight, who would win?" He replied without hesitation: " It's Megan!"

Alison Williams (right) plays against "Megan" in "Megan".

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The film tells the story of an artificial intelligence assistant doll "Megan", who accidentally possesses independent self-awareness, causing a series of horrible results under the overprotective owner.

After the film was released, it was loved by most audiences. Director Gerald attributed the unique charm of "Megan": "She is not disgusting as the uncanny valley theory says, but she is charming and interesting. People just like her." This is also my original intention of making this movie, to make her as funny as possible, including her behavior, expression, dance, voice, etc. It is so gratifying to see the audience feel the same!"

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As for why she thinks Meghan vs. Chucky will win, Gerald explains with a laugh: "I know she's going to figure it out, and because she's the latest version of the doll, she's going to get the most upgrades, and she's really smart. "As for whether the two ghost children have the opportunity to cooperate across borders, he does not rule out any possibility, "Everyone is guessing, will you see Megan in the next Chucky work, or Chucky will enter the Megan universe, I think the Megan It would be fun to put it in any movie."

"Megan" AI doll "Megan" became popular all over the world because of the movie.

(Provided by MyVideo)

Although the director has injected interesting elements into "Megan", the big-eyed appearance and unfathomable hidden personality are still chilling. The actor Alison Williams, who has many scenes with Megan in the film, said frankly, When she saw the Megan doll for the first time, she felt very weird, "The first time I saw the doll, I was doing a camera test. I went into an empty studio and saw her standing with her head tilted. I thought, 'This is going to be the scariest experience of my life'."

"Suffocated Megan" is currently on the shelves of the audio-visual platform MyVideo, and in April there will be a pre-release version of "Human Flesh Search 2: Missing and Rescue", a satirical comedy "Crazy" that won the Palme d'Or for best film at the Cannes Film Festival. Films such as "The Banshee of Inisherin" and Colin Farrow's noir film "The Banshee of Inisherin", which won the best actor in Venice, have appeared one after another.

In terms of Asian films, there are the healing skit "Zen on the Bite of the Tongue" starring Takako Matsu, the suspenseful and mind-blowing film "Galileo: The Silent Parade", a suspenseful and mind-blowing film by Masaharu Fukuyama's scientific handling of cases, and the South Korean comedy "The Witcher!"


", Singapore's warm comedy "Flower Road Ajuma", shortlisted for 4 Golden Horse Awards, and the popular animation "Corner Friends Movie Version: The Magic Son of the Blue Moon Night", etc., will all be available on MyVideo in April.

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