Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners suggest that adding more ginger to daily cooking and soup can improve circulation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] How should spring be maintained in order to lay a good foundation for the health of the whole year?

Chen Zhijia, director of Yafeng Weixin Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, said that in spring, you must not go on a diet or fast, but to make yourself nutritionally balanced. Therefore, it is recommended to boil astragalus, wolfberry, and red dates into water to drink, or to drink some ginseng chicken soup. To achieve the effect of nourishing qi and blood, it is also recommended to add more ginger to cooking and soup, which can improve circulation. In addition, to relieve emotions, it is recommended to press Taichong point to help dredge liver qi.

Chen Zhijia pointed out in the Facebook fan page "Chinese Medicine Physician Chen Zhijia" that all things in nature will have different changes with the four seasons, spring growth, summer growth, autumn harvest, winter storage, people live in nature, the body's Qi and blood circulation will also operate according to this law. The human body’s Qi and blood will be stored in winter, and these Qi and blood will start to grow and operate again in spring. In addition to "spring noodle", the climate changes greatly. Suddenly it looks like winter, and suddenly it looks like summer, and it often rains. Therefore, if the power is insufficient or the movement is hindered at this time, the body will be in trouble.

The following are 3 strokes for spring maintenance:

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1. Increase motivation:

Do not go on a diet or fast in spring. Instead, make yourself nutritionally balanced and sufficient, so that you will have full energy and motivation throughout the year. Usually, you can use astragalus, wolfberry, and red dates to boil water to drink. Or drinking some ginseng chicken soup can also achieve the effect of replenishing qi and blood, because sufficient qi and blood can resist changes in the hot and cold weather.

2. Promote circulation:

Get up earlier, give yourself some time to do stretching, stretch your waist, or get out of the car for a walk early, and make some ginger tea to drink, and add more ginger to your usual cooking and soup, which can improve your circulation It becomes better, because the temperature of the body can be transported to the extremities of the hands and feet after good circulation. When the temperature drops, you will not be afraid of the cold, and you don’t need to wear clothes when you take a shower.

3. Ease emotions:

spring corresponds to the liver, which corresponds to the internal organs of the body. In TCM theory, the liver mainly talks about emotional problems. The autonomic nervous disorders that are often heard now are similar to the "liver governing emotions" in TCM. Once the mood is unstable or bored in the heart, it will cause stagnation of liver qi, and the circulation of qi and blood will not be good if it is stuck, so you must keep yourself in a happy mood. When you are depressed, you can press the Taichong point on your feet. It can help dredge the liver qi and avoid Kaka.

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