If you go through a travel agency

Tourist companies of Belarus offer several options for the summer season.

The most common are





Ten nights on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the Turkish city of Kemeri, which is not far from Antalya, will cost 5,760 rubles.

A vacation for 7 nights in the resort town of Side will be cheaper - 1918 rubles per person.

The second popular option is vacation in Georgia, in Batumi.

A visa is not needed here, as in Turkey.

They ask for 2080 rubles for 7 nights with a flight from Minsk.

Other holiday offers in Georgia are similar in price.

For visa holders, they also offer vacation options in Europe.

14 days in Greece on the Aegean Sea will cost 2016 rubles.

Departure from Vilnius.

For a 7-day vacation in Italy, in Sardinia, on the seashore, they ask for 2791 rubles, departure from Warsaw.

When traveling independently without a visa

Air traffic between Belarus and a number of other European countries is currently limited, so there are not many options in terms of destinations.

You can fly from Belarus, for example, to


- a two-way ticket to Cairo in June will cost 2,650 rubles.

From Cairo you will still have to get to the sea and look for accommodation on your own.

You can also fly to Batumi in Georgia.

A two-way ticket in June will cost 2,119 rubles.

There are more expensive, but also more exotic options.

With a transfer in Dubai, you can fly from Minsk to Tanzania and rest in Zanzibar.

Round-trip tickets will cost 2,401 rubles.

A Tanzanian visa is issued upon arrival at the airport, for Belarusians it costs about 50 dollars.

You can also fly to Istanbul from Belarus by plane.

Belarusians do not need a visa to enter Turkey.

A two-way ticket in the summer costs 1,136 rubles.

Firstly, in Turkey you can relax on the Black or Mediterranean Sea, and secondly, many travel destinations are accessible from Istanbul.

For example, from there you can fly to Albania or Montenegro, where Belarusians do not need a visa.

When traveling independently with a visa

Having a Schengen visa greatly simplifies your vacation, as it will be much cheaper to fly to a warm country from the airports of Vilnius or Warsaw.

For example, a two-way

ticket to

Malta from Vilnius in June will cost a little more than 200 euros, or 629 rubles.

You can fly to Barcelona from Vilnius and back in June for 198 euros, or 613 rubles, to Italy for 188 euros, or 582 rubles.

A plane ticket from Warsaw to Cyprus and back in June will cost 154 euros, or 477 rubles.

A plane ticket from Warsaw to


will cost 114 euros, or 353 rubles, in June, both ways.

You can fly from Warsaw to


and return in June for 112 euros, or 347 rubles.

It is 6 times cheaper than a two-way ticket from Minsk to Batumi.

When to rest in Belarus

In Belarus, there are options for recreation both in sanatoriums and in numerous farmsteads.

For example, a 10-day vacation at the sanatorium "White Tower" in the Brest region will cost 1150 rubles (standard room per person).

Rest in the sanatorium "Plisa" on the shore of the lake of the same name in the Horaden region will cost 3300 rubles.

Almost twice as expensive as a vacation in Turkey with a flight from Minsk.

Holidays in Belarusian farms this year will cost from 50 to 800 rubles per day, depending on the location, service and needs of vacationers.