Wang Jie returned to the music scene and released a new song "One Game, One Dream (End)".

(Courtesy of Warner Music)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] The 60-year-old music prodigal son Wang Jie has faded out of the music scene for many years. Unexpectedly, there has been an oolong scandal on the Chinese Internet recently, pointing at the Hong Kong where he and Li Zekai, the second son of Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing, gave birth to three children out of marriage. Star Liang Luo Shi registered her marriage in Canada in a low-key manner. Regarding this, Wang Jie responded earlier through the record company, solemnly denying the rumors.

Inexplicably, news of Wang Jie's marriage to 34-year-old Liang Luoshi came out. According to reports, Wang Jie's agent showed him the rumored knot this morning, but Wang Jie was also confused when he saw the content, and asked with an embarrassed smile: "Today is a fool Festival?" Looks a little dumbfounded.

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And Rosie Leung's agent clarified to the Hong Kong media earlier, "Rossie Leung is still single, this is news out of thin air; for false reports, we will reserve all legal rights to pursue."

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