The world's first shot, Italy blocked ChatGPT.

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The Italian privacy data protection regulator stated on March 31 that it has launched an investigation into OpenAI's generative artificial intelligence (AI) robot ChatGPT, which is suspected of violating the data collection norms for artificial intelligence applications, and therefore temporarily blocked ChatGPT.

This is the first competent authority in the world to block this currently popular artificial intelligence robot due to privacy concerns.

Italy's General Directorate for Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) said the decision "effective immediately" would lead to "temporary restrictions on the processing of Italian user data by OpenAI".

This ban will last until OpenAI complies with EU privacy laws.

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The Bureau stated that it started an investigation because of a user information leakage incident of ChatGPT last week. The incident lasted for 9 hours. According to the email sent by OpenAI to the affected users, it showed the user's name, billing address, and the last four digits of the credit card. Card numbers, types and expiration dates were leaked.

At a time when policymakers in various countries are thinking about how to respond to the rise of AI-generated services, the Italian government's move represents the first time a competent authority has taken regulatory action against ChatGPT.

The General Directorate of Data Protection Regulations in Italy stated that OpenAI lacked a legal basis to justify its "collection and storage of large amounts of personal data to 'train' ChatGPT's algorithms" and did not process the data accurately.

Recently, due to doubts about ChatGPT's privacy, network security, and false information, there have been more and more voices calling for the suspension of the release of the new version of ChatGPT and the investigation of this AI robot. In addition to thousands of people including American billionaire Musk and AI experts Publishing a joint letter, the consumer rights advocacy group "European Consumers Union (BEUC)" also called on the EU and national authorities to investigate on March 30.

OpenAI had more than 100 million monthly active users 2 months after the AI ​​bot launched.

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