Veteran artist Xiao Liang (right) and his wife Lin Ziyou have been married for many years and love each other deeply.

(Provided by Lin Ziyou)

[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] 66-year-old veteran artist Xiao Liang has been active in the entertainment industry for decades, and his wife Lin Ziyou is recognized as a model couple.

Lin Ziyou appeared on the "Focus 2.0" program a few days ago and broke the news that Brother Xiaoliang suffered from emphysema due to his heavy smoking addiction. Whenever the weather changed, he would cough violently; when he caught a cold, he would develop pneumonia. In severe cases, he had to sit to fall asleep.

Recalling Xiao Liang's physical condition at that time, Lin Ziyou said directly: "If he doesn't quit smoking, he will die!"

Artist Lin Ziyou broke the news that her husband is a heavy smoker!

Brother Xiaoliang "received the cigarette card" at the age of 16. He loves to smoke and once invested in a cigar parlor. He has been smoking for 36 years and always smokes every day.

When Xiao Liang was 50 years old, he suffered from emphysema due to smoking. At that time, whenever there was a change of seasons or a big temperature difference, he would cough non-stop. Whenever he caught a cold, he would turn into pneumonia and was hospitalized. No improvement after taking medicine .

Lin Ziyou described it as suffering like "coughing out the lungs quickly". Once she lay down, she would cough;

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Brother Xiaoliang is afraid of outdoor air pollution, so he buys a treadmill to train his heart and lungs at home.

(Provided by Lin Ziyou)

Brother Xiaoliang was determined not to be an "addict". He went for a run in the park at night when he quit smoking. Unexpectedly, due to the construction near his home, he inhaled too much dirty air, and his cough became worse when he returned home.

Lin Ziyou pointed out that Brother Xiaoliang was exercising outdoors, he was using his lungs as an air purifier!

In the end, I had no choice but to buy a treadmill to train at home, and placed multiple air purifiers by the bed and in the living room, and even used environmentally friendly electronic incense and environmentally friendly candles for my goodbyes.

Brother Xiaoliang has successfully quit smoking for 14 years now, but Lin Ziyou said that he still feels worried when he hears coughing occasionally, which shows the deep love between the couple.

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