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An ugly scene between two strong players played out on Survivor.

Svetlio, who is the brother of the folk singer Konstantin, jumped aggressively against his teammate from the "Red" tribe, the canoe champion Stanilia.

The oldest reality star was left out of his skin after the athlete cheered a fight in which a rival from the enemy team Blues defeated a member of her team.

 "Instead of clapping, let's win!"

The victory is important!" hissed Svetlio against Stanilia.

She explained to him that she was applauding the good, sportsmanlike play, not the result.

"Then don't go out for the win, friend!", the Cat's brother teased her, show.blitz writes.

Stanilia, who has a world championship gold medal under her belt and always throws herself headlong in trials, was furious at his comment and shouted.

In response, Svetlio jumped from the bench he was sitting on and menacingly faced the athlete.

Before the two can get into a physical fight, the MMA fighter Joro breaks them up.

Constantine's brother shocks everyone on "Survivor"

Svetlio's outburst caused a sharp reaction in the opposing team of the blues.

"You're jumping on a woman, aren't you?" exclaimed the cook Bojana, who does not hide her sympathy for Stanilia.

"Until this moment, I respected Svetlio a lot because he is an intelligent person with life experience. But I can't swallow the way he spoke to Stanilia. He almost jumped at her, started yelling at her, this is unacceptable," declared the designer Edis.

Svetlio himself declared their reactions as "unnecessary drama", emphasized that he is 15 years older than Stanilia and expects respect from both elders and men.