[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] A father posted a PO article on the Internet, saying that he would take his child to buy clothes. Unexpectedly, when the child heard NET, he showed a "disgusted expression". The father felt dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. He asked netizens what to do. look?

The topic triggered heated discussions on the Internet, and many celebrities jumped out to support Taiwanese brands.

Zhuang Fengjia, the former general manager of VisionChina, wrote that in fact, every employee of VisionChina has a NET flight jacket.

The year before last, VisionChina was celebrating its 50th anniversary, and everyone was given a NET jacket to commemorate it.

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Zhuang Fengjia said that the year before last was the 50th anniversary of Huashi's establishment. He wanted to give everyone in the company a coat as a commemoration. The administrative unit in charge took many samples from the manufacturer for everyone to choose from at the monthly meeting of directors.

He said that many unknown samples were all made in China, and the cost price was more than 1,000 yuan. He picked and picked, but he was not satisfied with many.

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Later, the administrative unit provided a military flight jacket. The brand is NET. It looks handsome and looks good, but the price is only half the price. He decided to get this one right away. The color is all swept away.

He revealed that employees praised it as their favorite coat ever worn.

An employee left a message at the bottom saying, "I am a member of the southern launch team, and the jacket is still very comfortable to wear." Zhuang Fengjia also replied "Great."

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