The iOS 16.4 update has a Siri failure disaster.

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Apple's new version of iOS 16.4 has been released since this week. However, some netizens on PTT reported that they encountered disasters such as "Siri can't connect" and "Siri can't be used", but they can be resolved without waiting for Apple to fix it.

Many netizens complained that after the update of iOS 16.4, Siri was invalid, and they swiped a row of "it's not only my Siri is broken", "Siri is broken +1", but it seems that it is only a short-term disaster, and some netizens later reported that Siri was resurrected up.

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According to feedback from netizens, if you encounter similar problems, you can try the following three methods to solve them: change the male and female voices of Siri, and then use WiFi to connect to the Internet; Call Siri" are both turned off, then turn them back on later; if it doesn't work, reset the network settings.

In addition to the Siri disaster, there are also a few netizens who have update problems such as "memory overflow" or "can't see the network signal icon".

However, most netizens said that there is no problem with the update, "It's super smooth after the update", "The power consumption seems to have improved", and "It's completely normal for a good character."

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