Hyun Bin (left) and Son Ye Jin married in March last year and welcomed their son in November.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] "National First Love" goddess Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin held a wedding of the century in Seoul on March 31 last year, announced their pregnancy in June, and welcomed their son in November.

In addition to working and raising children, the two did not forget that today (31) is the anniversary of the two. Son Yejin also posted unpublished wedding photos on IG, which stunned a large number of fans.

Son Yejin posted a wedding photo with Hyun Bin on IG for a limited time today. I saw the two holding hands tightly, smiling happily at the camera, looking quite sweet.

The couple kept the information about their child quite confidential, only released a photo of their feet, and a photo of a family of three was circulated on the Internet, and the agency later confirmed that it was a composite photo.

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Son Yejin (right) sent out a wedding photo to celebrate her first anniversary.

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Hyun Bin has recently launched several works one after another, and he does not forget to spend time with his family after work, which makes fans quite envious.

After the two got married, everyone paid attention to them, and there were also many fake news.

A while ago, the fake YouTube video pointed out that Hyun Bin was a gambler, used Son Yejin’s property, and spread false information such as divorce. Son Yejin’s company also lodged a lawsuit angrily.

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