Gigi Leung has recently been caught in the storm of MV being accused of plagiarism.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong star Gigi Leung recently sang the theme song "Stop, Stop.

"Heart Breathing", but was accused of plagiarizing "The Faraway City Maybe Tomorrow", she attended an event yesterday, facing a large number of Hong Kong media's questioning, Gigi Leung responded embarrassingly.

Gigi Leung said that the director has dealt with this matter head-on, but the media asked her if she would shoot another MV?

She said that she has not yet reached this stage of research, "If you are willing to shoot again, everyone will introduce this song to everyone with one heart. When encountering difficulties and unsatisfactory things in life, you can use "Stop for a Stop·Heart Breathing" to ease your emotions." Refers to plagiarism, she also uses this method to adjust her mood.

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Gigi Leung's MV was accused of plagiarism, and the Hong Kong media reported the similarities at length, which aroused discussion.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

Finally, the Hong Kong media asked Gigi Leung if she had watched "The Faraway City Maybe Tomorrow"?

She said that she had seen the comparison pictures and recognized some similarities, "but she didn't study whether the other party's work plagiarized other works, leaving room for the director to deal with it." Explaining that singing is compulsory, she is only responsible for singing the theme song and filming the MV.

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